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Teaching good citizenship
For children who are kindergartners and preschoolers, understanding what it means to show good citizenship may be a challenge. To help, several years ago my Administrative Assistant Kasey Coote and I developed a special coloring book.

We’ve printed the coloring book for four years now. Whenever we visit groups of young children in our area, we take the coloring books and boxes of crayons to hand out to them. It’s been a great community service project.

Recently, Staff Attorney Brandi Dohre used the coloring book to lead interactive discussions and generate interest in good citizenship and how laws are used in society for young summer campers at Children’s College in Slidell. Her talk also helped them understand why it’s important to respect rules set by their families and schools as well as the laws set by their community.

The material in the coloring book is a good tool for this age group – it allows us to talk with young people about the justice system, including the roles of judges and law enforcement. It’s a valuable civics lesson.

During Brandi’s recent session, she finished by engaging teams of students in mock trial exercises, helping them better understand the purpose of courts and judges through taking on the roles of judge, prosecuting attorney and defense attorney.


Pictured below: The summer campers of Children’s College pose with Staff Attorney Brandi Dohre after her presentation on why laws are made and how courts work. The children are holding their copies of the special Slidell City Court coloring book.

Pictured below:
Brandi engages some of the young children in mock trial exercises to help them understand the purpose of courts and judges.

Pictured below: Brandi teaches the summer campers about good citizenship, laws and the courts.



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