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Recognizing Keep Slidell Beautiful on its 10-year history as a Model Community Service Partner
Litter clean up during and after street fairs in Olde Towne, as part of city-wide clean-up days and following parades. Tree pruning in Heritage Park, Griffith Park and along major city thoroughfares. Beautification and gardening improvements at the Senior Citizens Center, in Olde Towne and at Pearl’s Garden in John Slidell Park. Cleaning, pressure washing and painting tombs in Greenwood Cemetery.

Over the past 10 years, the City Court of Slidell Community Service Program has provided over 50,000 community service hours to these and other projects of nationally-recognized Keep Slidell Beautiful.

In honor of its 10 years of success in fulfilling its mission, I have given KSB official recognition as the first Model Community Service Partner to City Court of Slidell.

Keep Slidell Beautiful has improved the quality of life in Slidell throughout its 10 years in existence. As judge, it’s always been a priority for me to make community service worthwhile for both offenders and the community. In that regard, Keep Slidell Beautiful would be a role model partner for any community service program and we feel lucky to have them as our most respected partner.

KSB Executive Director Bill Mauser oversees community service participants in this program. Bill manages the involvement of community service participants to assure the offenders are engaged in work that benefits the local community and is meaningful to their own growth by encouraging future altruistic acts.

Slidell City Court requires community service for offenses such as assault and battery, DWI, domestic abuse, drug possession, cruelty to animals, speeding and littering. In addition to KSB, the court’s program gives manpower support to reputable organizations with meaningful projects for participants and who will oversee and manage the participants to the Court’s strict accountability requirements.

Not only does the community receive a benefit from the community service work done, local taxpayers also save the costs of incarceration and the costs if the work had to be done by paid staff.

In recognizing the good work Keep Slidell Beautiful has done for this community, I wanted to also highlight the positive influence Bill has on people doing court-ordered community service. He holds them to high standards, treats them with respect and helps them feel a sense of pride that they’ve improved the community they live in.

In the picture below, in honor of KSB’s 10 year anniversary, I present Keep Slidell Beautiful Executive Director Bill Mauser (second from left) and Board Chair Wynn Williams (right) the Model Community Service Partner recognition. Joining me is Clerk of Court Sherry Philips (left).




Please enjoy a special slide show created to honor the Court's 50 year history as well as the people who made City Court of Slidell a place of service to our community.