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Don’t wreck the holidays
During this joyous holiday season, let’s make an important choice to keep it a wonderful time of the year. Choose to drive safely.
For instance, before you ever head out to celebrate the holidays with family and friends, make your choice: will you drive… or will you drink?
Every holiday season, we see an increase not only in more traffic on the roads but also in DUIs and traffic fatalities caused by drivers who are impaired by alcohol and drugs. Drinking and driving is a serious crime and law enforcement agencies in this community have zero tolerance for it.
Please choose to celebrate life this holiday season by planning to always drive safely. It’s not just impaired driving that increases traffic fatalities this season.
Drive with patience. Aggressive driving is a leading cause of accidents, behind only driving while impaired and excessive speed.
Drive defensively. Be alert and drive defensively so you’ll have a safe, accident-free trip to and from any holiday outing.
Drive with focus. Distracted driving is another dangerous road hazard. Not only does talking or texting on your cell phone distract you while driving, but so does looking up store hours and locations on your smartphone while driving. 
Let’s all do our individual parts to make travel safer for everyone we share the roads with this holiday season and on into 2019.
On behalf of everyone at City Court of Slidell, I send our warmest hopes that you and your family have a peaceful and safe season.
City Court of Slidell will be closed on Monday, Dec. 24 and Tuesday, Dec. 25 as well as on Monday, Dec. 31 and Tuesday, Jan. 1 to allow our staff to spend special holiday time with their families.
Drive safely this holiday season.


Please enjoy a special slide show created to honor the Court's 50 year history as well as the people who made City Court of Slidell a place of service to our community.